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Tutorial - Mobile Marketing - Your India Travel

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Tutorial – Mobile Marketing
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Tutorial – Mobile Marketing 

What is Mobile Marketing Tutorial?

Mobile marketing is a well-described and usual approach to sell your products and services through mobile devices. This brief tutorial describes the numerous techniques and steps of mobile marketing such as improvement of mobile websites, sms campaign, mobile apps, etc.

Your India Travel brings you another section of our Tutorial series. Today we will learn about Digital Marketing. What is the importance and how to use it in your daily life. Please feel free to contact us for more information in detail on any of the topic. In following tutorials, we will learn more on Anger Management

Designed for

The tutorial is designed for all the ones readers who need to make their profession in mobile marketing or sell their businesses applying the strategies of cellular marketing. similarly, it’ll additionally be beneficial for all those enthusiasts who just want to examine the basics of mobile marketing.


This tutorial is meant for primary learners and there are no conditions as such. however, it would genuinely assist the readers to understand the concepts better if they have a great information of mobile Apps, SMS campaign, mobile website, etc.

Below are list of Topics for Mobille Marketing. Let us know if you want to have more information on any of them. Share your interest at info@yourindiatravel.com / yourindiatravel@gmail.com

  • Mobile Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing Overview
    • Mobile Technology & Reach
    • Mobile Marketing Strategies
    • Mobile Marketing Policies
    • Sms Campaign
    • Mobile Website Marketing Strategies
    • Mobile Apps Marketing Strategies
    • Mobile Advertising Ecosystem
    • Mobile Social Media Marketing
    • Mobile E-mail Marketing
    • M Commerce
    • Understanding Mobile Users
    • Return On Investment

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