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Northeast tourism potential needs to be explored
North East India

Northeast tourism potential needs to be explored 

Northeast tourism potential needs to be explored – Says Indian Prime Minister, Sh Modi in a recent address briefed. Honourable Prime Minister said that northeast has the potential to become India’s growth engine. He said the above while asserting that peace has now established in the region.

After laying the foundation stone for the Manipur Water Supply Project, through video conferencing, the Prime Minister highlighted that modern infrastructure is being built to improve connectivity.

The Prime Minister also mentioned, Northeast tourism potential needs to be explored  and “The Northeast has the potential to become the growth engine of the country. Day by day my faith is getting deeper because peace is now being established in the entire region. The mantra of peace, progress and prosperity is echoing in the Northeast.” He further added that while blockades in Manipur have become a part of history, Assam has witnessed a phase of violence for decades. In Tripura and Mizoram too, youth have abandoned the path of violence. Now Bru-Reang refugees are moving towards a better life.

Emphasising on the importance of connectivity, modern infrastructure is being built in Northeast which is not only easing the living but is also letting to achieve the goal for self-reliant India.

He said that tourism potential of the region, including Manipur, is still unexplored.

“Natural and cultural diversity of the Northeast is a great symbol of cultural strength. In such a situation, tourism also gets a lot of strength when modern infrastructure is built. Tourism potential of Northeast, including Manipur, is still unexplored,” he said.

The Prime Minister further established that India’s Northeast, in a way, is the gateway to our ancient cultural relationships with East Asia and the future of trade, travel and tourism.

We at Your India Travel also feels that “With this thinking, there is a constant emphasis on connectivity-related infrastructure in the entire Northeast, including Manipur.

Modern infrastructure is being laid in the Northeast along with roadways, highways, airways, waterways and i-ways as well as gas pipelines. Thousands of crores of rupees have been invested in the infrastructure of the region in the last six years,” he explicit.

Some other highlights

  • Efforts have been made to connect the four capitals of the Northeastern states, 2 lanes to the district headquarters and all-weather road to the villages. Under this, about 3,000 kilometres of roads have also been prepared and projects are going on for about 6,000 kilometres.
  • The work of connecting the capitals of every state of the Northeast with a good rail network is going on at a rapid pace.
  • There are about 13 operational airports in the Northeast today. And to expand the existing airports in the region, including Imphal Airport, more than Rs 3,000 crores are being spent to build modern facilities there.
  • Another major work is happening for the Northeast, in the area of inland waterways. Work is now underway on more than 20 national waterways. In the future, connectivity here will not be limited to the Siliguri corridor.

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